Kulanka Agaasimiyasha Guud ee Dowlad Goboleedka Koonfur Galbeed

Kulan u dhaxeyey dhamaan agaasimiyasha guud iyo agaasimaha madaxtooyada dowlad goboleedka koonfur galbeed soomaaliya ayaa lagu qabtey holka shirarka...

Qorshaha Horumarinta Dowlad Goboleedka KGS

Madaxweynaha Dowlad Goboleedka Koonfur Galbeed Soomaaliya Abdicasiis Xasan Maxamed Laftagareen ayaa daahfurey qorsha horumarinta koonfur Galbeed 2021-2025 lagu hagi...

Agaasimaha Guud ee Wasarada Qorsheynta oo Daahfurey Tababar ku saabsan Qorsheynta Agasimaha

waxaa maanta magalada baydhaba tababar loogu furey shaqalaha wasaradaha kala duwan ee Dowlad Goboleedka Koonfur galbeed ee Soomaaliya kaa...

Functions for Departments and Subordinate Organizational Units

Director General

The Director General (DG) is the most senior Civil Servant in the Department, reporting directly to the Minister for the administration of the Ministry. The DG role also involves providing policy advice, direction and leadership to the Department Directors as well as being the focal point for conveying advice to the Minister and Cabinet of Ministers.

Planning Department

State-wide coordination of government planning as well as M&E of plan implementation; ensure outreach to regions and districts for institutionalized bottom-up and top-down planning processes; Provide a data repository of all M&E results SL government-wide; produce/ update and communicate guidelines for M&E activities in the government.

Statistics Department

Overall responsibility for SWS government statistics; definition of standards and templates in communication with other ministries; preparation of key; socioeconomic statistics; documentation and publication of regular surveys; computerize; statistical data/records and information collection system; provide trainings for regional / local officials.

Investment & International Cooperation Department

Ensure state aid coordination mechanism and oversight; Coordination and oversight of all development and humanitarian programs and projects locally or internationally funded towards ensuring aid effectiveness.

Economic Development

Prepare and coordinate implementation of National Development Plan; ensure strategic plan follow-up; engage in research and policy development; promote and coordinate community economic development.

Admin Department

Administrative management of the ministry and provision of internal services; administrative support to regional and district offices; provide comprehensive government-wide archive on donor programmers and NGOs / INGOs.


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