Key Findings

Key output in 2015 & 2016: In October 2016 a NGO law has been legally adopted by teh NGO Law. The SWS strategic plan which is championed by MOPIED was finalized very recently and is close to adoption. Policies, strategies and plans: There is a significant policy output due to the vibrant political leadership of the ministry; it also takes its roles and responsibilities and brokers very actively for coordinated results on state planning and donor coordination. Organizational Structure: The ministerial organizational structure is in development. Staffing: As in other ministries there are no paid civil servants and only 4 volunteers (3 senior management + technical officer) constitute the core staff of the Ministry to date. Further external or embedded technical advisors in specific sectors shall be a needed support for an interim period especially in the area of setting up a statistical data collection and processing system. Linked Sub-Units / Agencies & Regional Structure: Office-set up, equipment and ICT: Existing office premises at the State House need to be upgraded with suitable work place arrangements and equipment. Primary source of funding: There is no development or recurrent cost budget provided to MOPIED by MoF. Certain amounts of revenues are expected through registration fees of NGOs once the NGO law will be fully executed;