New Mandate:

  1. The Ministry of Planning, Investment and Economic Development (MOPIED) of South West State (SWS) is the sole representative of the government of South West State mandated to register, administer and coordinate all national, foreign and international non-governmental organizations operating in South West State territory.
  2. Provide data that is accurate, relevant and timely about the SWS people and economy
  3. Prepare and facilitate national and regional annual and multi-annual development plans and strategies in order to achieve SWS short and long-term vision goals and priorities in consultation and participation with all concerned ministries
  4. Formulate and provide policy guidelines and short-term plans derived from strategic planning to achieve the vision and boost the economy  
  5. Assess the implementation of the national development strategy / plans and the challenges that may impede their proper implementations; build adequate assessment (M&E) tools and mechanisms to do so
  6. Develop programs and mechanisms to build the institutional capacities of the ministries and local governments to ensure the consistency and implementation of the national plans and programs
  7. Source the provisions of the FGS National Development Plan with the aim of maximizing the benefits for SWS
  8. Assess development programs, projects, and their implementation in order to identify their success, sustainability and gaps
  9. Mobilize domestic and external resources for socio-economic development and investment
  10. Devise policies for economic development and engage in economic research activities
  11. Execute community economic development policies and progammes
  12. Devise policies, and register and support local and international non-governmental organizations in order to mobilize and empower citizens and civil society actors
  13. Coordinate development activities in the Government of SWS 14. Ensure efficient allocation of resources in coordination with the Ministry of Finance
  14. Elicit focal points for international development partners
  15. Promote a sound investment climate and facilitate Private-Public Partnerships
  16. Support the Presidency in FGS negotiations on international treaties and/or agreements with significant impact on the SWS development agenda
  17. Perform additional duties and responsibilities as required by the SWS development plan and changing or emerging circumstances